About Sandah

   Sandah is a for-profit microfinance company initiated in Egypt as joint venture by the Arab African International Bank (70%) and SANAD ESF (30%) as founding partners, to address the Egyptian Micro and very Small Enterprises (MVESEs) financing market.

Sandah leverages the New regulatory framework in Egypt which allows the formation of private lending companies, and is the first internationally backed company to receive a microfinance license from the Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority (EFRA).

Sandah is led by Bassel Rahmy, a seasoned SME Banker and a member of the Central Bank of Egypt’s SME and Retail Advisory Committee.

Earlier this year Sandah held a high profile launch ceremony which was well attended by 400 distinguished guests including dignitaries from the Egyptian and German governments, as well as the European Union.

Sandah is positioned to emerge as a premier lender to the MVSE segment by the significant market demand of MVSEs particularly in the underserved governorates to Upper Egypt and the Delta Region.

Our Vision

To be the leading and favored microfinance company in Egypt offering comprehensive financial solutions at the micro level by enabling and supporting all productive, under-privileged, low-income, economically challenged and marginalized population to improve their social influence and financial standards. 

Working as a development organization that strives to employ its power and resources in a balanced manner to support, educate and motivate customers to establish and expand successful projects through the implementation of best practices in microfinance; and the commitment to work on the continuous improvement to reach an integrated financial inclusion model that supports and serves existing and potential income-generating projects. 

Sandah is devoted to providing this segment with the necessary financial services that will allow and avail those businesses upgrades and growth, and transforming them into bank clients in a way that leads to Social and Economic empowerment.

Sandah’s vision extends to forming a strong structure of projects that supports the continued prosperity of the Egyptian economy and stand side by side with the Egyptian human resources, which have great potential to contribute to inclusive community development.

Our Mission

We aspire to be one of the most admired microfinance organizations in Egypt and the region, recognized as an innovative, customer-focused establishment that delivers outstanding products and services, ensures excellent careers for our people and contributes positively to the communities in which we live and operate to meet the following objectives:

Promote and strengthen the microfinance drive in the country by bringing low-income clients to the mainstream financial sector

Build progressive, sustainable, and client-centric systems and practices to provide a range of financial services to clients.

Providing employment opportunities for young professionals

Ensuring the best ROI for our investors while practicing a water-tight process

Our Objective

Despite its socially and economically motivated mission and background; SANDAH pursues clear commercial business objectives. This is by no means a contradiction. When an organization is in business for consistent success and profit, it will strive to compete and conquest through providing the best services in the market on all fronts, starting from product portfolio, till brand equity and a significant ROI and CAGR figures.

We believe that in order for SANDAH to attain maximum outreach (and thereby social benefit); it needs not only to recover its operating and financial costs, but also to offer attractive returns on the invested capital. Only through high and stable profitability can SANDAH attract private capital and tap commercial sources of external refinancing, both of which are indispensable for the SANDAH’s long term growth and viability.

Business Expansion and Employment Creation in the MVSE Sector

Broadening and Deepening the Financial Sector

Exert Competitive Pressure on Existing Operators

Providing Employment Opportunities for Young Professionals

Strengthening the Financial Industry Skills Pool

We Fund .. You Grow

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